Product Overview

Gatekeeper is a cloud-based governance solution designed to help businesses effectively govern their MRO Material Master Data on a global scale. The Gatekeeper governance solution is layered on top of our Masterpiece foundation for standardising and enriching MRO master data.  Gatekeeper supports the definition of workflows for the creation and modification of MRO master data, as well as the required syndication of this data to the business system(s) of record (typically ERP systems).

Learn more about the business value of high-quality material master data by reading our whitepaper: Is high quality materials data the foundation of intelligent business?

How it Works

Gatekeeper offers our customers and consulting partners the ability to intelligently govern and synchronize materials data across several systems and databases, including into most ERP, Inventory Management, EAM (SAP PM), and CMMS (Maximo) solutions. Unlike most generic Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, Gatekeeper is purpose-built to support the process of creating, modifying, and supressing materials and parts data.  It allows an organization to engage those in the field in the creation and continuous improvement of MRO master data, all while ensuring the data conforms to prescribed corporate standards.

The Features Our Customers Love

“End-user” driven new item creation process that minimises duplicates, cuts down on wasted time, and enforces standards compliance during a request entry.

Track the creation and/or modification of an item all the way from the initial item request through to ERP synchronization and beyond, as data is entered and approved by the various resources and groups that maintain responsibility for individual portions of the data creation process.

Control the process of communicating change requests to data stewards for review and approval.

Control ERP-specific data within a single system without relying on site-level fixes or “one-off” processes that can severely impact global material master data quality.

Automatically synchronise materials records to multiple systems without having to rely on time consuming, manual processes. Gatekeeper is capable of synchronising high-quality material master data into most ERP, CMMS, EAM, and PDM systems.

The Key Benefits of High-Quality Materials Master Data

At sparesFinder, we are often challenged by our customers and partners to describe the business benefit(s) of high-quality, enterprise-wide MRO or Material Master Data. The discussion typically begins during a consultation about repairing or “cleaning” existing data – sometimes data that is in a state of complete disrepair. While we do encourage our customers to ensure their legacy data is rehabilitated and described in compliance with internal data standards, businesses that drive improvement through accurate Material Master Data do so in lockstep with a technology-driven data governance process. In short, great materials data can transform an organization but is only effective if it is maintained. We push for changing data-culture through governance and process and, as our customers will confirm, Gatekeeper is the engine for change and accountability. So, what can a business expect to realize when they have invested in building and protecting accurate, reliable, and accessible Material Master Data?

  • Easily find the parts and information they need to conduct maintenance, purchasing, and inventory management
  • Effectively identify duplicate and erroneous inventory
  • Consistently prevent duplicate items from being created
  • Easily identify common items across warehouses or plants
  • Easily identify functionally equivalent and substitute parts
  • Efficiently produce regulatory reports

The Painful Alternative

Inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate and duplicate master data is responsible for significant tangible and hidden costs that manifest themselves as:

  • Out of control inventory levels and associated carrying cost
  • Procurement and supplier contract management inefficiencies and lost opportunities
  • Unnecessary stock-outs, expediting, and incorrect parts issued
  • Lost time searching for parts and information
  • Poor surplus stock recovery

These cross the boundaries of supply chain, operations and maintenance and often contribute to significant hidden costs and risks such as lost production and compliance breaches.

The sparesFinder software platform allows companies to begin attacking these inefficiencies in a systematic and sustainable manner. The best knowledge about what information is required to effectively run the business exists in the minds of those doing the work and with the right organization, processes, software tools and training this valuable organizational resource can be engaged to produce consistent, complete and accurate master data that is shared and leveraged globally across business systems and languages.