Finding and Leveraging Material Master Data

Increasing Productivity and Improving Decision Making

As cited by many reliable research firms, your maintenance, procurement, and purchasing staff are spending too much time searching for answers. In fact, Gartner claims that 30% of an engineer’s day is spent looking for information. This equates to a significant productivity loss that, without dispute, has the potential to derail a long list of important operational goals.

The Root-Cause of Poor Decision Making

For most of our prospective customers, poor decision making is closely related to how difficult it is for staff to quickly and reliably access MRO-related data. The more time and effort it takes to locate the information required can have a significant impact on MRO spend.

Lost Time, Money, and Focus

Think about a technician that has been given a work-order (from SAP Plant Maintenance, for example) to perform a scheduled inspection on a safety-critical pump. While carrying out his assigned task, the technician discovers that a replacement part is required to prevent a potential failure and unplanned downtime. Unfortunately, after scanning the CMMS and an old parts manual, he is unable to find the information he needs. The technician, under increasing pressure to complete the work, and in shear frustration places a rush order with the machine OEM who has the new part flown to the plant.

The Outcome

When technicians can’t easily find the information that they require they are likely to make bad decisions. This can result in:

  • The wrong part being ordered
  • Ordering parts already in stock under a different OEM or vendor part number
  • Ordering a part that is in stock at another nearby facility
  • Ordering parts from non-preferred suppliers when they are available from a preferred supplier on better terms
  • Unnecessary expediting costs due to bad planning.

Using sparesFinder to Increase Productivity and Improve Decision Making

The sparesFinder platform includes a web-based search capability that has been optimised for mobile devices, designed to provide our customers with quick and easy access to their vital enterprise materials data. The application gives our customers the opportunity to “crawl” their catalogue and material master data using their choice of a parametric or Google-like search engine built to help operations, supply chain, procurement, inventory, and maintenance professionals find and utilise the information they require to do their job properly. Finder provides the missing piece that organisations desperately crave – a user-friendly, mobile, and intuitive solution that quickly provides employees with the information they need to be effective, when and where they need it.

How to Get Started