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Product Overview

The sparesFinder platform includes a search capability that has been optimized for mobile devices, designed to provide our customers with quick and easy access to their vital materials data. The application gives our customers the opportunity to “crawl” their catalogue and material master data with a parametric or Google-like search engine built to help operations, supply chain, procurement, inventory, and maintenance professionals find and utilise the information they require to do their job properly. It is our belief that a well-structured and reliable catalogue is only of value if it can be leveraged to help drive efficient and effective decision making. Finder provides the missing piece that most asset-intensive organisations desperately crave – a user-friendly solution that quickly provides employees with the information they need to be effective.

Time Well-Wasted

According to Gartner, engineers spend an average of 30% of their time searching for information. It is our belief that statistics like this extend far beyond engineering and apply to other operational groups within asset-intensive businesses (supply chain, procurement, and inventory management). However, wasted time is only part of the battle. Our customers have revealed that barriers to accessing information also lead to financial waste, most often attached to things like the incorrect procurement of catalogued items.

The Features Our Customers Love

Finder can be accessed from any HTML5 compatible browser on most mobile phones. There is no additional set-up involved.

Users can filter by “characteristics” of parts to find and drill-down to the item or items they are looking for.

Results are presented in a simple and intuitive manner, giving users the ability to identify materials without delay.

Includes photos of materials directly from search results, making it even easier for users to identify the item they are referencing.

Allows for access to a wealth of data that can be linked to the material master, including documents, inventory levels, and bills of material (BoM) data.

Allows for real-time access to item stock levels across multiple systems.

Finder is designed to promote the electronic sharing of information and collaboration between team members.

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