Product Overview

Masterpiece is a cloud-based software solution designed to help companies quickly and easily standardise and enrich item descriptions across their operations. Some of our customers and technology partners refer to this process as “data cleaning” and often define the output as material master data. Terminology aside, if you seek to improve the consistency, completeness and accuracy of your material master or are simply looking to explore the many business benefits of high-quality materials data, Masterpiece is worth investigating.

How it Works

Masterpiece provides all of the processing screens, workflows, quality management, and project tracking required to undertake a global, enterprise-wide, materials data cleaning project. To maximize efficiency, the system includes a series of automated data scanning algorithms, which parse key data and match and group duplicate items. Moreover, as a fully hosted multi-language software platform, data standardisation and enrichment can be undertaken by anyone you choose, including your staff, your suppliers, third party contractors, or even sparesFinder’s professional services team at any time and in any location, using an easy-to-use web interface.

The Features Our Customers Love

Define and govern your data taxonomy and dictionary standards in Masterpiece by utilising our world-class technical dictionary for creating and managing descriptive master data for materials (items), products, and services.

Move large portions of legacy data through our “data scanner” to measure early trends in data completeness while saving significant time and money.

Embed customer-specific data cleaning guidelines to ensure the data remediation process is powered by rock-solid governance rules that ensure consistency and completeness.

Better manage “third-party” data remediation suppliers by gaining real-time insight into the progress of project milestones, complex team dynamics, and unresolved issues that require intervention.

Create user-friendly, multi-language, and standardised data outputs that can be viewed in Masterpiece precisely as they will appear in a target ERP system.

Maintain a single version of the truth – or in more specific terms – a single catalogue to be referenced and leveraged across the enterprise.

The Key Benefits Our Customers Realize

  • Reduce duplicate spares and overstocked inventory
  • Create the necessary data foundation to find trends that can help improve operations, lower costs, and improve performance
  • Implement governance processes rules to prevent data decay and the costs associated with inconsistent, incomplete, and incorrect materials data
  • Improve the performance of your ERP and associated modules, like CMMS, EAM, and Materials Management applications.
  • Realise performance gains in the areas of plant maintenance, purchasing, and inventory management through streamlining decision making, reducing erroneous purchases, and improving productivity.