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The Root-Cause of Poor Decision Making Among MRO Professionals

Most of our prospective customers tell us that poor decision-making within their MRO organisation is rampant. What they don’t realise is that it is directly tied to their inability  for their staff to access MRO-related data in a quick and reliable manner. Think about a maintenance engineer that has been given a work-order (from SAP Plant Maintenance, for example) that requires a, semi-monthly inspection on a safety-critical pump. While carrying out their assigned task, the engineer discovers that a replacement part is required to prevent a potential failure. With their laptop in hand, the engineer accesses their CMMS to locate the Bill of Materials (BoM) for the pump. Although they can locate the pump in question, there is no BoM information available. To try and locate the right part number, the engineer finds a similar pump in a different functional location that has a parts list available. After scrolling through a few pages of materials,